Learn Happier Habits

Appii is your personal happiness app.

Use Appii to become aware of your feelings and enjoy personalized content,
designed to teach you how to be happy.

Why Appii?

Science proves that happiness is essential for our mental and physical
wellbeing. But in a time-poor world, it can be hard to prioritize it.

Enter Appii.

Appii checks in with you daily to monitor your moods, then sends you
tailored messages, exercises and lessons, designed to elevate your
mindset and teach you how to create happier habits.


How Appii works

Your experience with Appii is built around three states: Be, Learn & Do


Keep track of your mood and emotional state to detect any behavioral patterns and influences on how you feel.


Learn from world class teachers, writers and influencers on the key practices to be happier.


Participate in different challenges to break through your regular habits and improve your wellbeing.

A helping hand along the way

Choose a companion to help you on your path to your happiness. Each one has its own distinct personality.


  • Feel

    Check in with yourself daily and record how you’re feeling.

  • Track

    Track your mood to detect any behavioral patterns or influences on how you feel.

  • Learn

    Learn from world class teachers, writers and influencers on key happiness practices.

  • Challenge

    Participate in challenges to break through habits and improve wellbeing.

  • Empower

    Empower yourself by finding the right tools in any challenging moment or situation.


Data Science and AI

Appii uses data science and AI to curate personalized recommendations for exercises and expert advice on happiness. Using the science, relevant content is suggested to help you learn happier habits.


Appii makes online learning fun and engaging by adding a social aspect. Invite a friend - or group of friends - to watch any video with you, or to participate in a challenge..All with the common goal of sharing knowledge and ‘being happy’.


Appii uses automated notifications to check on your mood, share your wellbeing reports and to send encouraging messages and custom happiness playlists for you, every day.

Offline mode and data storage

The Appii Premium package allows you to download pre-recorded content onto your devices to watch offline.

Appii companion

Appii offers you a personal happiness companion. Our clever, engaging, personalized illustrations make you feel like you have your own happiness friend checking in with you.

Create happier habits

with thousands of experts’ videos, tasks and quotes,
customized to uplift your daily mood.